Sunday, December 23, 2007


Heavenly, originally uploaded by RicKarr.

Merry Christmas to all.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pacific Winter

Pacific Winter, originally uploaded by lightgazer.

Pacific Winter

Uploaded by lightgazer on 9 Dec 07, 1.39AM AST.

Blue Mind

Blue Mind, originally uploaded by jono-renton.

A few minutes from where we were staying for a few days, on our first night Pete and I took a short walk to the lake and I took a couple of shots just as the sky was darkening, enough to light the impressive natural colour of the water. A couple of attempts with different exposures and i found 6 seconds was fine. I used a Cokin ND4 grad to enhance the sky at location which was tilted just enough to brighten the rocks on the right. I played with the colour balance in Photoshop to bring back the true colours in the rocks after loosing some colour with the ND filters. I de-saturated the clouds to seem more natural, which now also enhances the natural water below, thanks to Tom for spotting that out.

This was taken just north of Banff near where we were staying. If you want some specific EXIF data, then let me know. And please give me critique!

Title 'Blue Mind' was taken from the song by Alexi Murdoch, a fantastic singer/songwriter from Scotland. I was listening to the song whilst Post-Processing this photo and it just fitted!

Uploaded by jono-renton on 17 Nov 07, 10.12AM AST.